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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago

My Fight to be Fit

January 17, 2017




About four years ago I started to notice a change in my personality. I was either irritable or sad all the time.

I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life; professionally and financially, and ‘adulting’ was beginning to take its toll. 

Not to mention, I had just returned from university in a country that pushed me and allowed me to be the greatest version of myself to my homeland that stifled my creativity and spirit. I was dying inside and reaching out to my family and friends who didn’t have my experiences and couldn’t identify with my point of view didn’t help either. I did try to change my situation. I went job hunting.  I waited on calls for interviews; hell, I waited on call backs after interviews.

It was exhausting.

One day, it just happened.

I woke up and said “Enough!” If things are going to change it is going to fall squarely on me. By the time I had this eureka moment I was 30lbs overweight. I hired a personal trainer and began losing the weight. A year into losing the weight I became pregnant.

There were many complications that followed my pregnancy; having a C-section didn’t help the cause. My C-section was an emergency situation which required that I be put to sleep. The side effects of the anaesthesia gave me chills and a dry cough. The pain of the surgery made using anything that required core strength painful:  coughing/sneezing, getting up, lifting etc. Additionally, the joints of my hands and knees hurt so badly, one doctor thought that I had arthritis. After 3 months that pain went away on its own.  

My fitness journey would start again. I began to walk and did light jogging intervals; for I had exercised before and throughout my pregnancy. When I was actually given full clearance to exercise, I picked up a slight knee injury. When I was done dealing with that and I began my full fitness regime I got plantar fasciitis. It was really bad. By the time I got to a physiotherapist I had basically ripped the fascia from my heel to the base under my toes.

Setback after setback, I felt hopeless.

I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating and at that point, I was now 40lbs away from my original weight; the heaviest I have ever been in my life, 175lbs.

Your purpose stems from your struggles.

Fire Fitness started as a fitness program for pre and post- natal women in Port of Spain in 2014. The business failed miserably.

In 2015, I reopened the business in Arima, to women struggling with their weight, and we have been opened for business ever since. You see, while some people are in business solely for the purpose of having a source of income, I am in it because I want to help you and I identify with your struggles.


My name is Chantal Ross and I am the owner, and main personal trainer of Fire Fitness, Arima; Arima’s ONLY all women fitness studio and unisex road running club.



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