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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago

Discipline is your only way out!

January 24, 2017


So it’s 2017 and a lot has happened over the last two years.

I’ve lectured, formed the running club, formed a travel agency, resume a government post and became the 2nd Vice President of a national governing body. Not to mention my roles as mother, wife and helper to my wider family.


Once again I feel the toll of ‘adulting.’


I have extended myself beyond what I can do, based on the QUALITY I desire. Needless to say, juggling a hectic schedule, I have had very little time for myself and have yo-yo-ed in weight. 


It’s no excuse because I am a trainer.


I am supposed to know better.

I do know better, but I AM HUMAN.

While I have over extended myself, I do not regret the people that I have helped, my only concern is that I did not prioritize myself, and guess what, no one cared! No one cared enough to say “Chants let me help you.” All I got was “You never have time for me!” or “When are you gonna get to my stuff?” The most I got was “Thank you so much for that!” Seeing other people happy, made me happy, so I didn’t think much about it.

But in all honesty, the help that I truly need I only got from the people on my payroll.


2017 I've decided to put me first.

I’m back on my grind to get to my desired weight.


Starting point:

Height 5’7 ¾

Weight – 170lbs

Body fat – 29%

BMI - 26



I type this, and it feels so ridiculous and embarrassing, but you’ve got to start somewhere. 

I’m owning up to my shit, taking personal accountability for where I am, deciding that I do not want to stay here, and understanding that I have the power to change.


When you fall off, the important thing is to get back at it. However, this time, recognize where you have faltered; what are your weaknesses, your triggers and what are you going to put in place to combat them?

Come up with a plan and COMMIT to it.

Discipline is your only way out!

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