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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago


February 7, 2017



This year I made up my mind to fight for it, no matter the setback.

I want to cry through this lunge set! It hurts so badly.

I have not trained for the past 7 months and getting back into a workout regime has been brutal. I really can’t lie and say that I’ve missed agonizing at the thought of walking up a flight of stairs or contorting my body to sit comfortably (whatever that really means) on a toilet seat, after leg day. But this is what it takes; discipline will eventually bring relief.

After suffering through the set I feel good. I survived! I can do this! I don’t like to do it lol, but I can do this. So many times I’ve thought about quitting; but to go through this stage again “HELL NO!”

They say if you hate starting over, then don’t quit. 

Hang in there, it won’t get better; you’ll just get used to it.

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