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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago


February 28, 2017

Today I wasn’t in the mood to train. Life was happening and I was in a funk. Training today required me to do interval running for 45-60mins. When my mental energy is gone, I can do nothing physical. I cringed at the task at hand.




You bet your ass I am! But that little voice spoke to me. “This is what you always do. You don’t feel like training so you give in to your feeling. Then 2 hours later, you’re more depressed because you didn’t achieve what you set out to do” If you continue to do what you’ve always done, then you won’t change.

I grudgingly put on my gym wear and sat at the base of the treadmill and put on my running shoes, with the most epic sour face ever. Then I lay on the treadmill to mentally get myself together (OH, I’m running from home today, hence the ability to lie on the treadmill. I’m not that crazy to try this in public! Lol). Soooooo, after 50 minutes hahahahahahahaha of lying there I am ready to run. 

I get up, start the treadmill and training begins. I do it. I survive, and now I actually feel a little bit better about myself and my day. No, like I really feel good because I overcame something today. I learned that I was a little bit mentally and emotionally stronger than I thought.

I learned 2 things after that situation:

  1. Emotions are a liar. They change, so don’t always give in to them

  2. Knowing that you can overcome a hurdle, starts creating a shift in your psyche that subconsciously begins to tell you that you can overcome future hurdles.

This is what training does for me. It has allowed me to change my mindset about “hard” workouts. This mindset shift has translated to other aspects of my life (outside the gym). It is why I am able to mentally cope with the rigors of life, and challenge myself when given work-related tasks.

What does training do for you? How has it changed your life? #pushthrough


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