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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago


February 14, 2017

If I asked you about all the things and people you love in this world, how long would it take you to say yourself???


You cannot give from an empty cup!


So many times I hear people say, “I have no time to exercise. I have to take care of this person, I have to run errands and my work hours are crazy!” While all of this may be true, if you’re serious about getting and staying in shape you have to make time for it. Time will not magically appear. YOU have to carve time out for it and be selfish about it.


Let me share my tip.


Based on my lifestyle, I've had to decide on a time that I could realistically train, i.e. what didn’t interfere with me taking care of my son and day job. Once that was settled, I planned my day around that i.e. meetings, liming, running errands, meal prepping etc.

E.g. If I say I want to train at 4-5:30pm and someone says “Hey we need to meet! See me at 5pm on Tuesday.” My response will be “No I’m sorry, I’m busy on tues, thurs fri at 5pm, how does mon or weds at 2pm work for you?”

I don’t have to tell people I’m at the gym, they just need to know that I am unavailable because I have designated those days and time as MY TIME; and my goals are important enough to me that I don’t plan on budging.

For people who work on a shift system, this is a little bit harder to do; it requires a lot more discipline but it is doable. Your shift may rotate every 2 wks or month, so you plan your 3 days based on that and STICK TO IT!

Yes, sometimes we miss days because life happens. The word is reschedule people! Don’t just miss a class and give an excuse. Show up! Don’t just show up for other people, show up for yourself. Yes training is hard work and dedication, but aren’t you worth it??

Yea, yea you can lose weight in 12weeks or 6months, but then what? Let’s say you are 30 years old and your life expectancy is 60years. You diet for 6 months and then what are you going to do for the next 29years and 6months to stay in shape????

Always keep in mind that being healthy is a LIFESTYLE change and not just a fad; so learn to prioritize you or you will keep falling in a rut or failing.

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