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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago




So a recent promotion has seen me move from driving east to Sangre Grande to now driving west into Port of Spain. Imagine my joy! (Please note the sarcasm).

This tiny decision has now taken away 4 hours of my life. I now have to get ready earlier and I get home later and a bit more fatigued. My toddler is not happy about it to say the least. It has thrown my nicely planned fitness, day care, cooking, and resting schedules out of the window.

Does this sound familiar to you?


As a woman it is expected that I give 2x as much at work and then give completely at home. By the time I’m done giving to everyone, there’s nothing in the tank for a workout. 

Then comes the guilt trip from friends, trainers and social media memes, “How badly do you want it?”

Guilt and disappointment begin to set in, and you reach for the cookie, KFC or guilt food of your choice and wave your white flag because you feel defeated.


It is not a question of if I want it; I’m simply overwhelmed.

Honestly, the REAL question everyone should be asking is “how can I adapt?” If we know the only constant in life is change, then why do we always give up when things change? The name of the game is adaptability. #perspective


The reason the strong survive is due to their ability to adapt. So I challenge you today to look at the way you respond when things change, particularly when it doesn’t change in your favour. Look at your response……do you quit everything or do you adjust until comfortable again?

I don’t like my new schedule; I now have to work out at 4am or the hour before I take on clients, but it beats the pain of not being able to fit into my favourite outfits (yes, bear with me in my vain moment). 

 Figure out ways to adjust and stay on track. Embrace the change, don’t cower.



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