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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago

Shopping for Gym Gear in Trinidad & Tobago

All tights were not created equal!

Personally, part of making the fitness experience fun is shopping for work out gear.

It is no secret that I love leggings. However, it doesn’t mean that leggings and their manufacturers love me.

Our discord ranges from fabric, cut, price and retailer.

In this article we’re going to focus on brands found locally: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour, Victoria Secrets (the imitation) and Xcel.


High end brands: Adidas, Nike, Puma and Under Armour

These brands are sold mainly at Francis Fashion, SportWorld, The Puma store, The Adidas store – all owned by the same family. These brands use the dri-fit technology, you’ll experience minimum to no chafing and their designs and cut are fantastic (cut meaning they are high-waisted enough, so your butt crack is not going to show when you bend over).

The prices are ridiculous to say the least. These items are typically priced at $400 -$950TT. See why we tend to fall out.

If you must buy from Francis Fashion and family, buy more during their 50% off sale as opposed to using the $50 cards.

You’ll get more of a discount…….well until someone informs them of this article hahahaha.

Additionally, Sports and Games recently began selling Under Armour at $295 and Sport Outlet sells all of the aforementioned brands at $250. You’re most welcomed!


Medium brand: Xcel

I believe this is a locally produced brand. They’re sold mainly at Sport World and Sports and Games. These items also use the dri-fit technology, are pretty stylish and reasonably priced. The last time I bought a set…..well to be honest the only time I bought a set was 2 years ago and they didn’t cost me more than $200TT a pair. Here’s why I bought this brand once: Butt crack central and slack elastic waist band. Solution: They need a tighter, higher waist band.  Picture it, I put on the people tights and decide to do a HIIT workout. Whole workout, I had to stop pull up tights, start back work out, stop pull up tights and so on trying not to moon others….Whole…. blasted…. workout!  So 1 1/2hrs later, annoyed was a damn understatement. #notmeagain


Low end brand: Victoria Secrets (the imitation)

For all those with this product, please know this is not what Kendell Jenner and Bella Hadid modelling.  I don’t know who is manufacturing this ultra-see-through leggings lol. However at $40TT, do I really care? Just make sure to wear good underwear under this product. I’m not going lie, they are comfy and have a nice high, tight waist band. However, they mainly come in plain colours, will cause chafing if used for a lengthy workout and will most definitely  show crotch-sweat  and camel toe (hides face).  These can be found mainly at variety stores.


Regardless of price, all of these brands will last once you wash and care for them properly.

If you’re not happy with the local finds, hop online and check out the following: Amazon, Athleisure Zone Bombshell Sportswear, Fabletics, Fitness Apparel Express, Footlocker, Forever21, and Shop Stasy to name a few.


Now go enjoy your fitness journey!

To work out and girl chat with us, email info@firecrackerlife.com or call 1-868-497-3467.





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