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Secret to getting YOUR Bikini Body


Although I’m very much an introvert, women that know I’m affiliated with the fitness industry will always divulge their workout regimen and ask for tips. The new craze is getting the Competitive Bikini Bod look without participating in the competition. There’s nothing wrong with that! What makes me cringe is when they start talking programming. They just go online and reach for the first program they find in a Google search. #lesigh


So let’s get girly-girly now.


Perfecting the bikini bod is similar to contouring your face with makeup; you’ve got to understand your silhouette before you can determine how to go about achieving it. The bikini bod caters for the broad shoulder with a v-taper to give you that illusion of the smaller waist, sweeps in the quad, solid hamstring and calves and a firm butt. It’s not focused too much on muscle density, and I guess this is why it’s so appealing to women that want to be ‘toned’ but don’t want to be a hard core bodybuilder.


Now that you understand the silhouette, you need to figure out YOUR baseline.

If you already have a broad back and shoulders, then you don’t need to add anymore fullness, you may need to lose fat and get lean.

If you have a small upper body, then you will need to add fullness…..same thing for your lower body, so assess yourself.


Now once you’ve assessed your position, this will determine the following in your programming:

  1. The types of exercise – selected to achieve goal and daily optimal functioning, specific exercises should be included to address weaknesses, imbalances etc.

  2. The type of weights to use – Go heavier if the goal is to build muscle and add fullness, go lighter to lean out

  3. The number of repetitions – Use higher reps (12-20) with lighter weights for leaning out purposes and lower reps (8-12) with heavier weights for adding fullness.  (N.B. a light weight does not always equate to a 5lb dumbbell; whether deemed heavy or light, the weight must provide a challenge in order to see changes in the body. If you’re not being challenged anymore, increase the weight/reps)


Any good program has a combination of cardio and strength training. Try to say within 65-70% of your max heart rate for the duration of your cardio. Your cardio should match your goals as well. If you are fuller on the bottom and need to lean out, stay away from machines that will further build your legs e.g. stationary bike or stepper, you might want to run on the treadmill. If you want to work your hamstring and glutes, set the treadmill to incline.


What has worked with my clients, particularly for the upper body or leaning out, which gives the effect of cardio, you can also do supersets, circuit training, adjust the rest periods, or increase the tempo during lifts.


Best of luck!


If you’re a lady that wants a safe space and assistance getting in shape, contact Fire Fitness at info@firecrackerlife.com or 1-868-497-3467.



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