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The Body Parts you need to STOP Neglecting

As a trainer that commands a female clientele, I hear the same rhetoric every time, “I want a flat stomach, a big booty and nice legs.” While this desire is fine, the muscles of the body do not work in isolation, nor do my clients initially understand the purpose of the muscular system.

The muscular system is designed for movement. Additionally, it assists in the maintenance of posture and body positioning; and yes, it provides shape. As stated before, muscles do not work in isolation; therefore, overtraining specific parts and neglecting others will lead to muscular imbalances, postural malalignments and possible injury. So in a nutshell, if I stick solely to my client’s desires, they’ll be a hot mess, functionally and aesthetically; and I can’t have that!


Here is list of MOST NEGLECTED muscles by my Trinidadian female clientele:


1. Trapezius – the ‘traps’ as they are referred to is a flat, broad band of muscle running across most of the upper back and the back of the neck. It is responsible for moving, rotating and stabilizing the shoulder blade and extending the head at the neck.

         Try: Shoulder shrug, upright row


2. Rear deltoids – The deltoid muscle forms the round contour of the shoulder. Personally, the rear deltoid is one of the most neglected muscles by both men and women. Very often people focus on the front and side deltoid. The rear deltoids assist in posture, helping to keep your body upright and pull the shoulders back.

        Try: Bent over lateral raise


3. Rotator cuff – these are the muscles and tendons that keep the head of your upper arm bone (humerus) in the shoulder socket. It allows you to raise and rotate your arms.

        Try: cable external rotation, cable internal rotation


4. Lower back (Erector spinae) – these are muscles and tendons that straighten and rotate the back, i.e. they support the spine.

       Try: hyperextension, back extension


5. Hip Rotators – these muscles rotate the upper thigh bone outward, provide balance and protect the hips when you jump, climb and kick.

       Try: side lying external rotations


6. Gluteus Medius – The gluteus medius gets neglected just like the rear deltoid. However, its function is very important as it helps to stabilize the hip when running or walking. Additionally, for those attempting to get full musculature of the butt you must include exercises that will work the medius, not just the maximus. 

       Try: Lateral tube walk


As a trainer, I believe it is important to help clients achieve their goals and in order to do that, they must be educated on the programs designed to perform daily activity optimally.


For women wanting a safe space to improve their fitness level and physique, contact Fire Fitness at info@firecrackerlife.com or 1-868-497-3467.



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