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Manage Menopause with these 6 tips



Menopause refers to the end of a woman’s reproductive period. At this juncture a woman’s ovary no longer produces eggs and she stops menstruating. Menopause is considered a normal part of aging for women over the age of 40, but can occur in women younger than 40 due to surgery such as a hysterectomy, or damaged ovaries as a side effect of chemotherapy.

Whatever the cause of menopause, you can use exercise to help you manage the symptoms. Here are 6 tips that you should pay particular attention to in your management of menopause.

  1. Start a strength training regimen.

The average woman will gain 5-7 pounds post-menopause and it will go straight to her stomach instead of her hips or thighs. While cardio may have been the go-to for weight loss in the past, you’re going to need to strength train to build/maintain your muscle and calorie burn. At this point in your life building muscle and having muscular strength is extremely important for staying mobile and independent for as long as possible.

  1. Choose walking and running over non-weight bearing activities such as swimming or cycling

In an attempt to ward off osteoporosis we have to find ways to keep the skeleton strong. Bone jarring impact, such as walking and running, will do this. Research has shown that, for post-menopausal women, brisk walking 4 or more times per week is enough to lower the risk of hip fractures.

  1. Don’t slow down

If you engaged in physical activity your entire life, continue doing so post-menopause.  To keep the body fat off engage in moderate aerobic activity for 5 hours per week.

  1. Change your diet

Although you may already pay attention to what you eat, pay attention to your sense of fullness.  Your metabolism is slowing down, so you may need roughly 200 fewer calories than before. Make sure that the foods that you are eating are more nutrient dense.

  1. Be sure to Warm-up

This will help to minimize injury and post workout pain. Aim for 10 minutes of dynamic stretches that mimic the exercises you plan on performing.

  1. Don’t do it by yourself

Consult with your doctor before you begin the program. Find a personal trainer for guidance with a strength training program that will work best for you. Find a group of people to train with who will keep you motivated and make the experience an enjoyable one. Do not underestimate the benefits and importance of a supportive environment.



If you live in Arima, and need help finding a fitness program that will work for you, email Fire Fitness at info@firecrackerlife.com or call 1-868-497-3467. We’re always happy to help!


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