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#10 Tumpuna Gardens, Arima. Trinidad & Tobago

Why join a Running Club?

August 10, 2017


Many people are afraid to join a running group cause they’re afraid of being the slowest ones there. 


*Blank Stare*


Why is that an excuse?

Aren’t you going to learn?


Believe me, i’ve floated around a few running groups before I started my own, for a number of reasons… and I can tell you, there are always walkers in the group and THAT’S NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT. 


But TRUST, you won’t stay a walker for long!


Remember: Starting, giving the effort, learning, makes you that much faster than everyone who didn’t. 


The main point joining a running group is SUPPORT.

Regardless of your fitness level, with every run you should feel stronger!

Support at a pace that pushes you to grow, while respecting the level you’re at.

ZERO judgements. 


Our Arima based Road Running Club is all about FUN & Learning.


What are some of your FITNESS GOALS? 


-> Compete in a 5k?

-> Lose 10lbs? 

-> Lose 20lbs.. 50lbs? 

-> Increase stamina & Metabolism? 

-> Get active!?


Unsure why you should join a Road Running Club?


Here are a few benefits we’ve discovered.



You hop out the shower, struggle to fit into your pants.. 

then it hits you


I really need to start (back) exercising. I’ll go for a run Saturday morning!

Saturday comes… nothing. 

We’re not judging, we all procrastinate. And thats EXACTLY what makes Running Groups work. 

We all have lives, busy schedules, and excuses, but we also want to stay healthy and don’t want to disappoint the group. 

When it’s an actual scheduled class, you’re less likely to cancel, unless its super important (which of course is understandable)

Groups keep you accountable, you might get a text “You coming training tomorrow” or that extra motivation to move from a jog, to ’walk-run’ to full run.


>Access to professionals

I get it all the time “I want to join the running group eh, but since my injury…” or “… I’m not very fit right now”, and my favorite “I don’t know how to run”

Our team is made up certified professionals who can advise you on techniques, running gear, diet, recommend distances, pace, and of course create a running workout based on your specific goals. 


>Structured Workout 

This is a huge advantage of Group Running. When you train alone, you get stuck in routine, its difficult to develop pace, and if your form is incorrect you can develop injury in the longterm. 

Importantly, if you have a goal, like weight loss or improve speed/ time, a structured workout with professional coaches will help you accomplish just that. 



Now, it may or may not be your main reason for joining but its definitely a benefit. 

In the group, it doesn’t matter your background, what you earn, or what car you drive, or your weight on a scale its about reaching the finish and pushing each other to complete at our best! and have fun while doing it.

You meet people with the same goals as you, or even better, someone who’s been exactly where you are.


Come, join us

Try one Saturday, and if you like it stay. 

No Pressure. 


If you’re ever passing through Arima and see us, feel free to hail us out! 




The End. 


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