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Do I need a Personal Trainer?

September 16, 2017


If you answer YES to 1 or more of the below please click here

  1. I have tried EVERYTHING, but my body is not changing. 

  2. Im motivated by someone prescribing exactly what I should do to achieve the goals I want.

  3. The times I am available to workout are a bit unconventional. 

  4. I have a very specific goal in mind and I need someone experienced, who can help and keep me accountable, and give me their full attention while training. 

  5. My time is precious. I have a demanding work-life schedule, so I can’t afford to waste time wondering what to do next or wait for a free machine at the gym.





It’s a fair question, and the answer is, perhaps. 


Working with a personal trainer is indeed a more expensive investment compared to regular gym fees or group training classes, so why bother?


If you’ve said ‘Yes’ to any of the statements above, then you already know the answer. 


The value you receive is personalized, measurable, convenient, and sustainable results. 


Whether you’re interested in losing weight, gaining muscle, recovering from injury, or going for that post baby snapback, a Personal Trainer can help.


We have created a holistic wellness experience for those ready to commit to working with a personal trainer. 


  • You’re paired with a Trainer who can commit to your schedule (however random it may be)

  • At registration, we do a complete  body scan, analyzing your body fat & muscle percentages. 

Take an in depth look at your diet and eating habits, so we can create a personalized meal plan that you will actually want to stick to.


  • We’re not a gym. You will be training in a private facility, where you can be comfortable. It’s a WOMEN ONLY Environment. 

  • Workouts will include body weight exercises, weight training, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).


  • Workouts are dynamic. We show you what your body is capable of . Incorporating workouts you enjoy as well as fun challenges to keep your mind and body engaged.

  • We recommend supplement options that can work best for you based on your goals. 

We are not affiliated to any Supplement Brands and will never force you to purchase any product. So you can feel confident in the brands we recommend. 


Along with a personal trainer, you also receive

  • Access to a registered dietician, working with you to help you understand how what you eat affects you (mind, body, mood)

  • Access to Road Running Club so you can switch it up & challenge yourself! 


Change is never easy, and we mean it when we say we’re committed to helping you become the best version of yourself.


TBH, A personal trainer isn’t for everyone. 


Its for the WOMAN with aspirations. 


The woman ready to be the best version of herself, and willing to commit to hard work, sacrifice and training for real results. 

The woman who understands that there are NO QUICK FIXES when it come to lasting results. 

The woman who appreciates VALUE & GREAT SERVICE from a team as committed to your goals as you are. 


We have the receipts. 



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