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Making Time for Fitness!

October 2, 2017

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, the time of year when we ALL get busy. 

We always seem to be stuck in traffic,

Rushing between meetings, 

Deadlines to meet, 

Family and friends visiting… we have to clean, decorate, entertain, show face

Busy, Busy… 

And so for just the chance to breathe, we ditch gym. 


“It’s almost 2018 anyway, we can always start back next year.”


Clearly I understand how the “cycle” works, and I’m certainly not immune to it.


We start a fitness routine “hot and sweaty”, three weeks maybe four, you start seeing some small changes… “nice man, I can do this..”


Then, you have a big work presentation to prepare. 


You skip lunch to work on it, snacking on whatever is around the office, and decide to stay late and forget about working out. 

New week, presentation went well, but you haven’t been home during daylight in forever… 

Skip gym and head straight home. 

Before you know it, you haven’t worked out in weeks, and the thought of starting over is the most dreading thing ever.


The cycle is the same, whatever your individual circumstance may be.


The truth of the matter is, you fall into this cycle because you have not made fitness your priority, and until you do so, things will never change. 


As a personal trainer i’m not ashamed to admit that i’ve been there. Life gets in the way, and before you know it, your body has changed into some unrecognizable version that you’re not proud of. 


Doing the things you know are right for your body, like eating clean, unprocessed foods, moving for at least 30 mins a day, are just inconvenient and painful. 


Then I decided, I’m fed-up of doing myself and my body wrong. 

What type of example am I setting for those watching?

When I think about the things that helped me stay consistent with my fitness routine, regardless of what life throws at me, I think the following 3 things had the biggest influence. 


I’m sharing because I believe, as busy women, mothers, business owners, caretakers we owe it to ourselves, to fit in time for self care.


How are we supposed to do all the things we’re expected to do if we’re not healthy enough to keep up!?


1. Workout first thing in the morning. 

I know. I know. But if you accomplish nothing else for the entire day, you’ll feel awesome knowing that at least you’ve worked out! 

By waking up an extra hour early, you eliminate the possibility of life getting in the way. 

It won’t matter that you have to work late, last minute drinks with friends or any other unexpected event. (PS if you’re eating well, you won’t need to worry about feeling tired, or not having enough energy to carry through the day). 


2. Aim for three days a week.

The biggest part of consistency is being efficient. The science shows that you only need to work out 3 days a week for 45 mins a day.

Dedicate these to a mix of weights, high intensity interval training, and some cardio. Whatever your goal, a healthy mix of these.


3. Plan or Prepare Meals in advance. 

80% Diet, 20% Exercise

But what does that mean? It means, of all the results you expect, know that what you eat is 80% more important than how often you exercise. 


That being said, plan your week. Most of us should have a rough idea of how our week will flow. Prepare for late nights, long weekends, after work limes, Sunday lunch, dinner dates. 

If you know you’re going to have a busy day, keep healthy snacks on hand, walk with a packed lunch. Plan on overdoing it on Friday with dinner and drinks? Try and behave during the week, eat a bit cleaner, leaner meals, skip the processed stuff, and make Friday the office cheat day with no guilt! 




I think what had the biggest impact was hiring a Personal Trainer. For a few reasons:

  1. Accountability

  2. Personalized Program

  3. Flexibility 

I guess just having someone help me take responsibility for my goals, is what made the biggest difference. And times when I felt like giving up, they were there to push me through. Ans, help to make the whole process fun.







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